Why I Love ClickFunnels Again?

Why I Love ClickFunnels Again?

The latest from Russell Brunson “I Love ClickFunnels” and FunnelFlix promotion, is that going to work for you even though with 14 days FREE Trials?

He is saying that the promotion is built for the entrepreneur, the business owner, the course creator, the speaker, the expert…in mind. Is that true? Well, it is very subjective to individual ability to appreciate the promotion.

I do not 100% agree with Russell Brunson and his followers that Clickfunnels can bring wealth to an individual unless you are seasonal users like me who has a mature product to sell and established businesses. It is not recommended for any newbies trying to save their hard earned money to start making money online with Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is NOT a magic pill or overnight solution by buying the product and the promotion will then get rich the next month. Although with Clickfunnels online solution today, it will take months and years, definitely is not going to happen within 14 days or months.

The Clickfunnels market is saturated, everyone knows Clickfunnels today. If you think that by selling Clickfunnels products and earn affiliate commission and get rich quick. You must be dreaming…at this moments.

If you want to know more about the Clickfunnels products and the promotion, Check out Clickfunnels 101.

With the latest “I Love Clickfunnels” and FunnelFlix are the recycle version of Clickfunnels 101 and the rest of this previous products. Basically, the current “I Love Clickfunnels” and FunnelFlix is a repackaging of all the previous resources in Clickfunnels. Nothing is new here!

  1. Product Secrets
  2. Funnel Builder Secrets
  3. Ad Skills with Justin Brooke
  4. Tony Robbins Private Collection

Again, nothing is new! it is just a re-branding game over and again since Clickfunnels started! The same chemistry and the same method is working again in 2020.

The 100+ done for you templates provided in Clickfunnels can be obtained from any email system providers (ConvertKit, moosend, Awber, and etc) in their landing page service. Read more.

More templates from Thrive Architect WP Page Builder solution for WordPress. You have many choices today and pay without monthly expenses to use email landing page or WP Page Builder. There are equally effective.

Want leads? A big fat list? You can get it. REALLY??? I doubt it. Too good to be true! Well, Clickfunnels definitely is working for an established business but again if you are new in this roam today. You need to pause and do more research before paying for Clickfunnels suckers because it is not cheap and there are much more cost effective ways and cost efficient ways to do the same solution as well.

What about the benefits of Clickfunnels community that the followers are preaching today? My standard answer is: There are many free Facebook group and free forum columns that do the same and do it much more better. Why have to limit yourself just into Clickfunnels single community and their followers and groups?

However, I do recommend Clickfunnels if you know what you want to do with the software solution. Otherwise, it is too costly to pay Clickfunnels just to explore the functions and features in the long terms, you do that exploration within 14 days (IN and OUT quickly to have some good experiences). If you continue to stay and hope for money to fall on you. You will be broke before you can make any money online because you have paid all to Clickfunnels!

For those still want to proceed with Clickfunnels as their online solution. you are most welcome to join me in Clickfunnels. Submit your email there so that I can help you to understand much better if you are new or you have any plans to setup your offline business to become an online business today.