How to make WordPress load and run faster?

Let me give a very good example,

Do a quick test with GTmetrix and see for yourself, how is the performance of the GCloudWebHost WordPress website?

GTmetrix Test Result for GCloudWebHost

GTmetrix Test Result for GCloudWebHost


Secret source:

  1. Select a WordPress default theme to be used for your website. Not to worry if it is ugly theme because Thrive Architect has many beautiful pages that you can use to enhance your WordPress default theme!
  2. Install Thrive Architect. Turn Your Ideas Into Pages with the Fastest, Truly Visual ​WordPress Page Builder. The company promised that and they delivered it.
  3. Delete all unused themes and plugins to reduce the load of your WordPress. Another tips to have a fast loading website is to keep your plugins less than 10 companies or providers. When you use the plugins from the same company or provider, their plugins are optimize for page speed loading already and you do not have to install another plugins to optimize them. You will create more loads to your WordPress for the codes already optimized. I do not use any SSL plugin or cache/image optimize plugins.

That is it. 3 simple steps to make your WordPress website load and run faster.



The WordPress plugins that I always use...

  1. Thrive Architect (Paid). To provide beautiful relevant page by having the live front end editor for your WordPress content.
  2. UpdraftPlus. To provide backup and restore of the WP system in my disaster recovery plan.
  3. Webpushr. To provide subscription notification to the audiences. 
  4. WhatsApp Chat. To enable WhatsApp integration.
  5. Wordfence Security (Paid). To provide Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware Scan.
  6. WP Mail SMTP. To provide email features within WordPress.
  7. WP Rocket (Paid). To provide a much better load performance in WordPress.
  8. Yoast SEO (Paid). To provide SEO features.
  9. Site Kit by Google. To provide traffic analytical reports.
  10. Newsletter (Paid). To provide email CRM autoresponder self managed WP system.
  11. Adminimize. To lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress administration menu, for all roles of your install.
  12. Booking Calendar. To provide online reservation and availability checking update in Google calendar.
  13. GTranslate. To provide multilingual and available to the world using Google Translate.
  14. Sassy Social. To provide the Slickest, Simplest and Optimized Share buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, WhatsApp and over 100 more.

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