How to do SEO easy way?

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3 simple steps to follow through !!! It is not a rocket science tasks.

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For example you are providing a SEO learning course. 

  1. Find and survey 3 important keywords that you love to use through your keywords research. 
    • Learn SEO
    • SEO Training
    • SEO Course
  2. Structure your TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and H1, H2, H3... heading have those keywords with right copy writing.
  3. Content blog post also have those keywords mentioned. Keep doing it everyday, every month, every year for many years to come. 

What about back links structure? What about Google My Business (GMB) optimization? Please feel free to arrange a call by making an appointment.

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SEO is going to take time and you cannot see the results immediately. With SEM or Search Engine Marketing, you can go for paid advertise in Google or Yahoo to gain visibility and attention immediately but it is not going to increase SEO results.

How long SEO is going to show some results? it will take at least a year or more if doing it correctly with white hats approach. Do not implement any grey hats or black hats solution which can hurt your SEO ranking in the future. 

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