How much save when move from Shopify to WordPress?

I decided to compute all the investment I have done for my online business today and no surprises that I manage to maintain a decent monthly expenses for 4 websites currently.

How much I save per month from Shopify one website to WordPress four websites?

I save in general from $211.87 USD (Shopify one website) to $88.84 USD per month in WordPress for 4 websites that I am maintaining today !!!

It is an amazing to see the result and I know it after total up all the expenses I have invested in the online business with the 4 websites.

A general break down of my monthly expenses on July 2019:


  1. GCWH = $6.36 USD
  2. SGN = $59.12 USD
  3. DAILY = $16.28 USD
  4. RJ = $7.08 USD

All these including all the expenses such as hosting, domain name and software purchased for the purpose to enhance the business potential of the websites. After some testing, I have managed to narrow down which software to keep for my online business and which one is unproductive for my online business or websites.

The reason that I can achieve this result is because I try my best to avoid monthly expenses for software that I use for my websites. For example, email autoresponder that I am using currently.

Plus, extra $50 USD to help you to setup NEWSLETTER WordPress Plugin for you! Please let me know if you need my assistance.

What is your opinion on this area? You are welcome to give your constructive feedback. There is no correct or wrong answer...

Hope to hear from you soon!

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