Cloud VPS Hosting VS Traditional Hosting VS Local Mobile APPs

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Cloud VPS Hosting

Traditional Hosting

Local Mobile APPs

  • More secure because SSH keys and no longer using password to login.
  • Dedicated clustering hosting environment to prevent single point of failure. 
  • Can leverage on existing cloud resources and modules. Do not have to start at ground ZERO.
  • More flexible to change resources demand of RAM size, CPU speed and Disk Space.
  • Open source concept which is free.
  • Free backup in which you can setup.
  • Can scale easily and more reliable.
  • Example of Cloud system such as AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and etc.
  • Less secure because it is still using password to login without encryption.
  • Issues with single point of failure because the 100 websites hosting on 1 server.
  • You need to request separately, if the resources and modules not available. Unknown results.
  • Moderate flexibility to change resources, such as RAM size, CPU and Disk Space.
  • The company charges you for the free sources.
  • You have to pay for the backup services.
  • Have to pay to scale it and less reliable.
  • Example of traditional hosting such as Hostgator or any local hosting providers.
  • No security and it is very subjective to the programmers setting on the local APPs.
  • Vary, it is subjected to how the programmers setup the local APPs. Unknown outcome.
  • Have to create start from ground ZERO! The end result is unknown.
  • Very subjective to what kind of performance the programmers subscribe with.
  • Have to hire programmers and not free.
  • Unknown about the backup.
  • Unknown, depending on the programming.
  • Any mobile APPs, such as Grab APP, you need to pay to play.