Backup and Restore in WordPress

How important and critical the backup and restore abilities in WordPress (WP)? It is 100% crucial to have a system that can recover your online asset immediately without any delay. My definition of immediate recovery system should be able to perform under stress within 5 minutes and it is also depending on how much data is going to be restored at any point of time!

FB Feedback on GCWH Down

FB Feedback on GCWH Down

I received a comment in my Facebook the other odd day, someone saying that my website is having an issue. With this comment, give me an idea to show my audiences that how important and critical to demonstrate how a good backup system can actually restore the system within a very short amount of time!

It is true that the website is down for about less than 10 minutes and some readers are very unlucky that hit with an error when they landed on my website.

I have a very good contingency and disaster recovery plan in place when the website is down which is due to one of the plugin that I installed previously. The caching  plugin crashed the website instead of doing any good things.

Very quickly, i activated the restore process and bring back the website to the original stage from the last backup.

Lesson learnt, should not do any test during peak hours when audiences are so eager to find out from your website. They can feel very frustrated when the first user experience is gone when the website is down suddenly.

Thanks for the Facebook feedback so that I can have a much better informed decision in the future.

In conclusion, a good backup and restore system is very crucial in WordPress (WP). You do not have to pay for any expensive hosting services to do the back or restore for you! No dependency on the hosting support teams because you can just do it yourself with few clicks of the buttons and it is free of charge plugin.

You can also go for a pro version from the existing free plugin to have more advance features but in my opinion, you do not have to do that because with the basic features. You are able to schedule a proper backup to a remote storage server. Correct! the backup files are not stored in the local hosting server, it is stored at a remote storage server. This backup and restore model provide a very good contingency and disaster recovery plan. Just in case, the local hosting server is down forever assuming, I can take my backup from the remote storage server and restore my website to a new hosting company or a new server!

Amazing isn't it? We don't have to depend on anyone (Hosting Support Teams) to determine our success or failure of our online asset anymore. Free from expensive hosting charges to backup and restore your website which you can do it yourself free of charge too!