#14 www.CyberjayaPaintball.com Website Review


  1. Too depending on social media in a silo traffics source format. For example, heavy on FB page/ads and instagram and forget about Pinterest or twitter or YouTube for example.
  2. Not able to analyst the business data which is not captured at the beginning and yet we do not know or understand the customer behaviours.
  3. Do not have a centralized depository area or center to manage the business data.
  4. Do not understand the potential and the possibility of selling paintballs related items online. To build a second source of income in long terms.
  5. An attractive website can draw potential business owners and events to ads on the CyberjayaPaintball website but it is not happening.

Solutions: A general CyberjayaPaintball Sales Funnels:

  1. Registration eMailing List to capture audiences contact in order to build their own database who is relevant to their business.
  2. Manual follow up to close the deals. Booking done after it is paid and approved will be updated in the Google calendar automatically.
  3. This will be done after manual follow up. Follow Up eMailing List to manage future expectations from the existing audiences who have registered but have yet started the games.
  4. Feedback eMailing List to manage expectations after they have signed up a package.

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What do I do if I am the Marketing Manager of CyberjayaPaintball?

  1. A Video to showcase about the paintball games and not the park on the front page.
  2. A combination of “registration/contact us/to know more/promotion” form to encourage audiences to submit their contacts so that CyberjayaPaintball can get back to them.
  3. For audiences who are not joining the games. Activate follow up eMailing list after manual follow up failed, when the audiences decided not to join the games. The emails will be sent out once a week/month for a period of 3-6 months for example. This is where the ad copy skills apply and it will determine the success or the failure of the follow up.
  4. For audiences who joined the games. Activate the feedback eMailing list to anticipate whether it is a good or bad feedback based on the survey questions in the emails proactively. 
    • If good feedback, channel them to leave their feedback on the facebook page.
    • If bad feedback, address their concerns before seeing them go to the facebook page to leave a negative feedback.

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The benefits of a WordPress Google Cloud Hosted website:

  1. A WordPress blog post made, the post can be automatically updated in FB page, Pinterest, instagram, twitter and more for free. Just to name a few for an example in order to gain more visibility.
  2. You can also create an email within WordPress to blast out to the relevant audiences and at the same email can be posted in the blog as well. Again, it will automatically update in FB page, Pinterest, instagram, twitter and more for free. This allows occasional promotion about CyberjayaPaintball park.
  3. It is a centralised depository for the business so that every member of the business has the right permission to access the data without depending on an individual inbox to capture data. It is backed up regularly and automatically.
  4. WhatsApp can be embedded in the system so that WhatsApp also can capture the audience’s phone numbers and emails. The data can be uploaded into the WordPress system in CSV format.
  5. You can allow the public who attended the games before to upload and publish their own photo gallery to share with CyberjayaPaintball audiences.


#14 www.CyberjayaPaintball.com Website Review

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