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A FREE Web Page For Your Business Today With In A Day! This landing page is an example on how any SMEs today who are still offline and want to go online with the following benefits and the objective is to reduce your monthly cost and increase your on.


What We Do (我们所做的)

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic that we are facing today. Would like to empower small businesses to have your presence online for FREE by having a web page for you. This is just a little contribution by GCloudWebHost.


Option 1: A FREE Web Page

100% Free single web page to take your orders and keep track of your customers name, email address and phone number online. Sample webpage.


Option 2: A Landing Page

To Create a landing page for your business immediately, How much it will cost? See the DEMO here.


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Option 3: A Website

My story on "How to move my Online Stores to WordPress?"


我的故事 “ 如何将在线商店移至WordPress?”

Buyer Email Received

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     Amazing Web Page Experience!     

We feel relax and thankful that GCloudWebHost is helping many offline SMEs with the existing resources FREE OF CHARGE! This is an amazing offer!

We just provide the simple information with the purpose of the single page and information the needed on the page. We are ready to collect my customers name, email and phone number through our FaceBook and Instagram by sharing a short link online provided by GCloudWebHost.

We love you Jonathan !!

Anna Ong

About us

We are here to improve your online digital presence today, beside enable the cloud hosting and leads generation. We also provide videos content that is suitable to your business. Read more...

What Are the BENEFITS For you?

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This is What you want To AVOID

You can easily follow up with your customers anytime through emails and WhatsApp label broadcast messages. 

You can easily capture your customers contact information and a sequence orders immediately into your email inbox. 

You will enjoy customers database in your email inbox and WhatsApp contact list without paying more on any 3rd party tools to extract the same information from FB.

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We strive to keep you and your family happy and comfortable as possible while you’re searching for your future online resources.

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As a small team of experienced digital eCommerce specialists, we really get to know you and your liking and we can guarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention to be a new online asset owners.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family in Facebook Group!

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