What Method Formula to Deploy?

Kids-Website Deployment

4 Core Methods that I can think of

  1. The Niche Authority websites
  2. The Perpetual Sales Funnel websites
  3. The Personal Brand websites
  4. The Landing Page websites

Can we combine them selectively? The most important is your Core Web Pages & The Systems to Run Them effectively and efficiently!

There are pages required to begin your journey to success as an online entrepreneur — an opt-in page and a thank you page. If you decide to sell your own products or services, you’ll need a few additional pages to manage the checkout process and product delivery. These core pages make what in marketing jargon is called your “Sales Funnel” or “Marketing Funnel.”

Your opt-in page
This is the page that offers your first, free irresistible offer in exchange for an email address. The simpler the design and layout of your opt-in page, the better.

The most important component to focus on here is the headline and the actual offer that you’re presenting. Many people try to add too much content to this page and it ultimately kills conversions.

Your Thank You Page
The thank you page is the page people will see immediately after opting-in. Your thank you page will either offer one of your own products or services, or it will promote an affiliate offer to help you convert leads into paying customers quickly.

This concept of immediately offering your leads something to buy is called a one-time offer and is commonly referred to as an OTO which stands for “One Time Offer”.

If you are promoting someone else’s offer as an affiliate, this is often referred to as a ‘Bridge Page’.


The Systems to Build Your Core Pages

Today there are many simple solutions that even the most non-technical person can set up in an afternoon.

Below are the two (and only two) solutions I personally recommend. Which one you choose depends on how much time you have available, whether you have any technical skills, whether you have a monthly budget, or whether you’re interested in the bootstrap, do-it-yourself version.

  1. WordPress
  2. ClickFunnels

Your Email Marketing Solution

Autoresponders (Email Marketing Leads) are messages set to go out automatically after a contact subscribes to your list. You can create several messages to go out in a cycle, one after the other.

WordPress Autoresponders help you automate campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your recipients. They can be sent in a sequence or at intervals, starting from the day a contact signs up to your list, e.g. Day 0 (the day a contact subscribes), then day 3, 7, 14. So, autoresponders are useful if you want to send an automatic message to contacts who join your list. When you set up an autoresponder cycle, messages will go out on a specific day of a contact’s subscription period, according to how you set up the cycle.


Your Checkout Page And Product Delivery Pages

If you are selling your own information products, online courses, an ongoing membership program, or services, you will need a shopping cart system that allows your customers to check out securely and obtain what they’ve purchased.

The additional pages you will need to setup include: a checkout page, another thank you page and a product delivery page.

This is all incredibly simple whether you choose to use an all-in-one solution or choose the DIY solution…

Now that you understand what is required… On to your tech options.


What Method Formula to Deploy?