Special Offers from DJI, it is a good news!

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I am using DJI Mavic Air myself for our videos production for our customers, it is one of the excellent tool that my team is using. Right now DJI is giving special offers. Check it out! 

The portability of the DJI Mavic series has helped to boost its popularity among users and buyers in recent times. To be precise, this product remains the first series of drones that comes with its arms folded against the body. Without any further question, the DJI Mavic Air is supercompact. The drone is designed with great video features and photos. It is easy to fly and provides object avoidance qualities. Check it out! 

Power and elegance are the two words to describe the design of this amazing drone. When elaborating on the design of the DJI Mavic air, you will get an excellent mixture of easy-of-use and performance. Users will be able to take the drone any place of their desire due to its ultraportable form-factor feature. It comes with environmental sensing systems, inbuilt- safety features and foldable arms. Check it out! 

The drone does not operate badly when talking about maintaining its position in the air. It can maneuver through wind speeds of up to twenty-two mph and maintains a maximum flight period of between 20 and 21 minutes.  Check it out! 

One amazing feature of the product’s controller is the availability of two arms. These arms are able to move from the main body of the drone to suspend your mobile phone in any desired position. The controller of the drone is almost just like that of the DJI Spark. Users can be able to connect to their phone with the help of the air’s controller physical cable. Check it out! 

With hand movements, you will be able to skip the controller completely. Users will have the opportunity to launch the air, move it down, up, left, right and take photos and videos. Users will discover the amazing gestures are designed with total accuracy. Check it out! 

The stabilized camera of the DJI Mavic Air is one of the best features of the product. It is located on a three axis gimbal. The camera also comes with a 24mm F2.8 lens and retains a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor. It can shoot 4K videos and take 12mp as well. At 120fps, the camera has the capability to shoot full HD. Low light and highlight details are stored in the new HDR algorithms. Check it out! 

The DJI Mavic Air is less expensive than it’s big brother the Mavic pro, more compact and smaller in design. The product comes with a plethora of innovative features and a great camera that makes it a better choice for buyers wanting a really compact drone that is extremely powerful in it’s performance and features.

Check it out!