Niche Proving You Can Actually Help PEOPLE!

Niche Proving You Can Actually Help PEOPLE

Once you have chosen your niche and the audience you want to be of service to, you will need to prove to your audience that you can help them achieve their goals or fix their problems.

Solve their problems and achieve their goals! You must deliver results in advance through the content you publish.

There is always a free level of content that you use to capture the attention of your audience.

2 Irresistible Offers in general

  1. FREE Irresistible Offer
  2. Your Paid Irresistible Offer

The second offer needs to solve the next most logical problem your audience will face after they have solved a problem with your free item.

Stated another way, your paid offer shouldn’t simply give them more of the same.

Psychologically, your audience feels that they have solved the first problem when they opted in for your free offer.

They have “scratched the proverbial itch,” and their thought process moves on to, “Okay, now that the problem is solved… What’s next?”

Your first paid product, which answers that next most logical question, is the key to high conversions and quick cash flow with your online business.

This next most logical question will vary based on your niche and your audience.

It may be a totally new problem they are faced with, or it may be the problem of not having enough time to solve the problem themselves.

Here are a couple quick examples…

If I was giving away a free report on “How to run successful Facebook Ads” and the report truly solved that problem for them, I could offer a “5 Profitable Funnels for Facebook Ads” product for $200 as my second offer.

My sales pitch would simply explain how “Facebook ads are only half the battle and the other half you need to figure out is a high converting funnel.”

Because, if you are running Facebook ads and you aren’t making sales the next most logical problem is that your funnel isn’t converting!

Notice… I did not offer more “Facebook Ads” content for the second offer because they already ‘solved’ that problem by opting in for the first offer.

Another second offer I could test after a Facebook ads opt in, would be a “Done for you Facebook ads service” where they can hire me to setup and manage their Facebook advertising for them.

My sales pitch for this would focus on how much time and energy it takes to setup, manage and test Facebook ads and the ‘solution’ would be my help in the form of hourly or monthly services.

In this second example, they opt in for the Facebook ads knowledge but the ‘next problem’ is the amount of time and energy it takes to master Facebook ads…

Hence my offer to do the work for them.

These are just two quick examples to show you the thought process behind figuring out what your first paid offer should be.

You can begin with a great affiliate product to get started quickly, and then once you have proven that you can convert traffic to leads and leads to sales, you can create an irresistible paid product of your own…

Then, when you replace the affiliate product with your offer, you will increase your margins and profit.

It is important to remember that there are many different products and services you can offer as your first free and second paid irresistible offer such as:

  • Coaching – One-on-one or small group.
  • Consulting – Special offer on a discovery call or hourly sessions.
  • Information products – Online course, audio/video training, or modulated course.
  • Done-for-you services – Design, development or marketing services.
  • Membership program – Ongoing training, webinars, question-and-answer sessions, Facebook or forum group access

One of the challenges in selling your own products is the skill of copywriting.

Simply stated, the words on your sales page… Your headline… Your bullet points, your hook, your offer, etc. are your ultimate make or break!

If your sales copy works, you’ll make sales.

If your sales copy sucks, you won’t make sales.

So when you start to sell your own products, you MUST become a student of copywriting!

Niche Proving You Can Actually Help PEOPLE