🆕New Launch FB Shop and WorkPlace 2020. Are you excited?🆕

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Making Money with Instagram & Facebook Shops (Launch Strategies). This is the latest features by FB recently in May 2020. It is a birthday gift for me from FB 😇.

Instagram and Facebook Shops is a new eCommerce platform that allows you to sell directly on Instagram and Facebook! This new Shops Method in 2020 will be a big eCommerce business opportunity for many. In GCloudWebHost, I share how to sell on Instagram and Facebook, strategies to prepare for the launch and how to take advantage of the algorithm changes and also how to connect Instagram and Facebook Shops as a new eCommerce platform to WordPress or Shopify for anyone dropshipping or in eCommerce in general. This is a great new business idea for online business or people looking for new ecommerce platforms and business ideas to start online.

A new eCommerce business opportunity selling on the new Instagram and Facebook Shops platform. There’s many opportunities here to sell on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops by integrating with WordPress or Shopify and also dropshipping. Just started a NEW Workplace by FB at https://gcloudwebhost.workplace.com/ for GCloudWebHost communities and clients. Facebook stocks has boomed over the last couple weeks after the announcement of Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops and analysts are beginning to realize the potential Facebook Shops has to dominate the eCommerce space, which is also growing tremendously fast and comes with it many opportunities.

A FREE Web Page For Your Business Today With In A Day! This landing page is an example on how any SMEs today who are still offline and want to go online with the following benefits and the objective is to reduce your monthly cost and increase your productivity…read on. https://www.gcloudwebhost.com/to-help-sme/




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