How to Set Online Business Priority List?

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Giving you the secrets of setting a successful online working backward strategies

  • Focus on Facebook mobile ads only when first started. Save your money in online ads to bring more traffics with desktop ads after that.
  • When Facebook ads has some results then expand your ads into Instagram.
  • You can actually save money by acquiring one time cost tools, such as the following recommendation that I use daily. 
  • Setup your Cart and Sales Funnels correctly. Reference:
  •  Setup your Email marketing autoresponder without paying expensive monthly cost. Reference:
  • Setup your website without paying much by using WordPress in Cloud hosting. Reference:
  • All the above recommendation is what I am using everyday to run my online business in dropshipping and affiliate marketing. In summary, do not spend too much in setting up your sales funnels and websites which has fast loading speed by leveraging on cloud technologies. Many hosting companies are hosting your websites in cloud too and resell their packages to you in more expensive price point. Why? Because they spend their good money wisely to acquire customers like you in Facebook ads and Google ads.
  • Once you are master in Facebook and Instagram ads. You can now expand your ads in Google to acquire more visibility of your brand. Reference:
  •  While you are doing ads and at the same time you should also work on your WordPress SEO and YouTube videos. Please also check out my affiliate program that payout 50% in commission at

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