How to Generate Leads For Property Agents (Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, MLM Agents)?

This landing page can be applicable to Unit Trust Agents, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, MLM Agents...

Simple 3 Steps:

Social Media Traffics >> Landing Page >>> Auto Follow Up With Emails & WhatsApp and SMS/Call

1) Social Media Traffics

  •    Facebook Group
  •    Instagram Followers
  •    YouTube Sharing

2) Landing Page

  •      Your $3 USD per Month Landing Page on Your Desired Domain

Prefer Mobile Number

  •    FREE Auto Reply With WhatsApp

3) Auto Emails & WhatsApp

The email autoresponder integration can be done in any cloud providers, such as Alibaba as well.


The Type Of Lists Can Be Applied and Examples:

Only one list can be selected for a landing page.

  1. 1
     Listing List
  2. 2
     Buyer List
  3. 3
     Seller List
  4. 4
     Open House List
  5. 5
     Mortgage List
  6. 6
     Real Estate Investment List