Email Marketing

How To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential because most of your subscribers will not purchase your first offer!

Giving more value to your subscribers and building a relationship with each subscriber is critical when it comes to email marketing. Luckily, you can automate this process with the email tools mentioned above.

There is a common but flawed saying in Internet marketing: “The money is in the list.”

This is only partially true.

The money is in your relationship with the list! And that relationship is based on how much value you give to your subscribers.

For your audience to open and consider your emails that contain offers for paid products or services, you must first deliver them value via email.

I recommend an average of three to four free and valuable emails between every offer you send.

For your subscribers to purchase from you, they must first know, like, and trust you.

The only way to build up that trust and likability is by giving them real value that helps them to improve their lives and solve their problems.

It is worth repeating that your job as an entrepreneur is to be of service to your audience. Email is one of the most effective means of accomplishing that goal.

Once you have your autoresponder setup… You will need to also ‘Broadcast’ your list regularly!

These broadcast emails will continue to build the relationship, give value and allow you to make future offers to your subscribers beyond that initial follow up sequence.