Don’t Start Selling through Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada 2019 onward. Why?

It is difficult to start selling with your own website sales funnel like a dream, I want to be original with suffering with my life because I have and i want 100% control of my business. My business does not depend on the feeling or mood swing of Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada...I am the original of my business by not doing little. Just start with the success formula of Perseverance, Self-Reliance, Daringness, Adaptability, and Resourcefulness! No short cut in life, you start short cut, your business will last in the short terms too. You decide how long that you want to last your business.

Are you ready to fight for your business? Are you ready to take the fall? Are you ready for the difficulty? You have to pay the cost of being the original! I am here now to try it all, I am ready to take the fall because I am original. Why deny it? I won't risk my life for being typical, I am being original of my business when it is difficult. 

Why Don't Start Selling through Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada 2019 onward? Although 147.6 million monthly visitors and 7 million active sellers in Shopee and other platforms every month. If you do not pay to feature your shop in these platform, you are basically the slave of these platforms. You have to pay to play with Shopee OpenCart Integration Extension! Why? You will not get repeat buyers or not able to retain your existing customers. You have to keep expecting new buyers at all time.

Sitting down and keep personal message (PM) your buyers before is not how you build the relationship with your customers. it is totally waste of your time and your buyers' time to read your message. We do not want to deal with guess works, we want solid statistic data to spend our time wisely and not blindly like a slave in front of the mobile or a laptop at all time. You want to spend less time like 5 hours or less a day rather than more hours to do follow up and etc...

The main hub of your entire operation is not the website. it is the platform that you are using to store your customer emailing system and the sales funnel and the shopping cart experience. That is your central unit of your entire daily operation in the business. For example: 

How to Generate Leads For Property Agents?

The benefits of having your own WordPress website, Sales funnel and emailing system with WhatsApp is to build your own business online because the business online that you build will become an asset in the future.

  1. I believe that You do not want to build the future asset for Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada through their platforms. Why?
  2. You should notice by now if you are the Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada sellers, you only get buyers who buy from you first time and not able to get repeat buyers. Why?
  3. You should also notice that the promotion emails that Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada platforms sent to existing buyers. It is always direct the traffic to promotion ads paid sellers or to those sellers who keep paying money to feature their shop within Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada platforms! Eventually, you will become the slave of these big giants. In long run, you will be stressed, exhausted, frustrated and lose out in the future. It is not going to be sustainable.

What is the solution?

Benefits of Cloud Hosting (By Creating your own Shop):

  • You pay for What you use. You might pay for less than $3 USD a month!
  • Receive same type of support as the traditional hosting.
  • Receive same type of expertise as the normal hosting providers.
  • Receive same type of service and why pay more in the long run?
  • It is Secure, Reliable and more Scalable today and into the future.

By creating your own customers retention database and by collecting your existing customers email address. You can build a sustainable business as an asset for your generations. NEWSLETTER WordPress Plugin is the Ultimate Self-Managed Autoresponder Platform to Maximize Your Email Marketing.

You want to have your own checkout cart and sales funnel to make your system better than any third party eCommerce platforms such as Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada. That is the main reason their platforms are free or without charging you any commission for using their platforms because they are sucking your blood out very slowly. By the time you notice that you lose blood, it will be too late for you.

You can try to use Shopify eCommerce platform. For your information that Shopify is using Google Cloud Platform too! They are paying less dollars and why should you pay more?!

Setup for you at $150 USD each WP website

* Special 30-day money-back guarantee

不要一开始通过Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada 2019起销售。为什么?

为什么不开始通过Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada 2019起卖?虽然每个月亿人次这些平台十亿。如果您不支付功能在这些平台上你的店,你基本上这些平台的奴隶。你必须支付玩!为什么?你不会得到回头客还是没能留住现有客户。你要保持时常期待新买家。



  1. 我相信,你不希望通过他们的平台搭建Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada未来资产。为什么?
  2. 现在你应该如果你是Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada卖家发现,你只能得到买家谁买你的第一次没能获得回头客。为什么?
  3. 你也应该注意到的是Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada平台发送到现有买家的促销电子邮件。它总是指挥交通,以促进广告支付销售者或者那些谁继续支付金钱以特色Shopee,Bukalapak&Lazada平台内的网店卖家!最终,你会成为这些大巨头的奴隶。在长远来看,你会被强调,精疲力竭,沮丧和未来被淘汰出局。它不会是可持续的。



  • 你付出你用什么。你可能会付出一个月少于$ 3 USD in!
  • 接收相同类型的支持,作为传统的主机。
  • 接收同一类型的专业知识,作为正常的托管服务提供商。
  • 接收同一类型的服务,为什么从长远来看,付出更多?
  • 它是安全,可靠和高可扩展的今天和未来。

 通过创建自己的客户保持数据库,并通过收集现有客户的电子邮件地址。你可以建立一个可持续发展的企业,作为你们世世代代的资产。 消息WordPress插件是终极自我管理的自动应答平台,以最大限度地提高您的电子邮件营销



设置为你为$ 150美元每WP网站


Jangan Mulai Menjual melalui Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada 2019 dan seterusnya. Mengapa?

Mengapa tidak Mulai Menjual melalui Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada 2019 dan seterusnya? Meskipun juta atau miliar pengunjung ke platform ini setiap bulan. Jika Anda tidak membayar untuk fitur toko Anda di platform yang ini, Anda pada dasarnya budak platform ini. Anda harus membayar untuk bermain! Mengapa? Anda tidak akan mendapatkan pembeli berulang atau tidak mampu mempertahankan pelanggan yang ada. Anda harus tetap mengharapkan pembeli baru setiap saat.

Hub utama seluruh operasi Anda tidak website. itu adalah platform yang Anda gunakan untuk menyimpan pelanggan Anda sistem email dan saluran penjualan dan pengalaman keranjang belanja

Manfaat memiliki Anda sendiri situs WordPress, corong Penjualan dan email sistem adalah untuk membangun bisnis Anda sendiri secara online karena bisnis online yang Anda membangun akan menjadi aset di masa depan.

  1. Saya percaya bahwa Anda tidak ingin membangun aset masa depan untuk Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada melalui platform mereka. Mengapa?
  2. Anda harus melihat sekarang jika Anda adalah Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada penjual, Anda hanya mendapatkan pembeli yang membeli dari Anda pertama kali dan tidak bisa mendapatkan pembeli berulang. Mengapa?
  3. Anda juga harus melihat bahwa email promosi yang Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada platform dikirim ke pembeli yang ada. Itu selalu mengarahkan lalu lintas ke iklan promosi dibayar penjual atau orang-orang penjual yang tetap membayar uang untuk fitur toko mereka dalam Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada platform! Akhirnya, Anda akan menjadi budak dari raksasa besar. Dalam jangka panjang, Anda akan stres, kelelahan, frustrasi dan kehilangan di masa depan. Hal ini tidak akan menjadi berkelanjutan.

Apa solusinya?

Manfaat Cloud Hosting (Dengan Menciptakan Toko Anda sendiri):

  • Anda membayar untuk apa yang Anda gunakan. Anda mungkin membayar kurang dari $ 3 USD per bulan!
  • Menerima jenis yang sama dukungan sebagai hosting traditional.
  • Menerima jenis yang sama keahlian sebagai penyedia hosting yang normal.
  • Menerima jenis yang sama dari layanan dan mengapa membayar lebih dalam jangka panjang?
  • Hal ini Aman, Terpercaya dan lebih Scalable hari ini dan ke masa depan.

 Dengan menciptakan basis data pelanggan retensi Anda sendiri dan dengan mengumpulkan alamat email pelanggan yang ada. Anda dapat membangun bisnis yang berkelanjutan sebagai aset untuk generasi Anda. NEWSLETTER WordPress Plugin adalah Ultimate Self-Managed otomatis Platform untuk Memaksimalkan Email Pemasaran Anda .

Anda ingin memiliki checkout keranjang Anda sendiri dan penjualan corong untuk membuat sistem anda lebih baik daripada platform pihak eCommerce ketiga seperti Shopee, Bukalapak & Lazada. Itulah alasan utama platform mereka bebas atau tanpa pengisian Anda komisi untuk menggunakan platform mereka karena mereka menghisap darah Anda sangat lambat. Pada saat Anda melihat bahwa Anda kehilangan darah, itu akan terlalu terlambat bagi Anda.

Anda dapat mencoba untuk menggunakan platform eCommerce Shopify. Sebagai informasi bahwa Shopify menggunakan Google Cloud Platform juga! Mereka membayar kurang dolar dan mengapa Anda harus membayar lebih ?!

Setup untuk Anda di $ 150 USD setiap situs web WP

* Jaminan uang kembali 30-hari khusus

Testimonial from one of the Shopee Seller:





Note: As you can see for yourself that the Shopee seller has the latest screenshot captured for me in my Facebook. 75% is all new buyers and the repeated existing buyers is only 25% or could be less most of the time.

Please feel free to speak your minds by leaving on the comments below. Thank you very much!