Who Can Help You to start online business?

Who Can Help You to start online business

The question should be Who Can You Help? Instead of Who Can Help You to start online business?

This was a profound shift in focus for us, from “How can we get money from the Internet community?” to “How can we be of service to the Internet community?”

Now, if there is such a thing as a ‘secret to success’ you just read it…

This may seem subtle, but the real power lies in your ability to create a TRIBE of like-minded people by giving value to them, directly.

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Now, once you’ve got your free book on it’s way, let’s talk about your tribe…

Many people start with the product first, but that is the WRONG approach.

It is all about who you can help and how you can best help them…To make sure that this is crystal clear, I give you one good example.

This approach of focusing on helping our audience improve their lives (instead of how can I get money) made all the difference in the world for us!

We are not alone in experiencing great success by focusing on creating websites and content that help others solve their problems…

Some people calls these ‘Tiny Asset Engines” because once you create a website that gives value to others, it can ‘work for you’ for years and years… Thus being an asset to you.

My focus has always been on how I can be of service to people trying to learn how to make money online.

I knew through my years of trial and error figuring this out that there was no free “how to make money online” training that was teaching the truth about building a successful business online.

I knew this because I’ve spent years looking and ended up having to figure it out on my own through trial and error.

So I decided to focus on being of service to people who are in a situation where they have a desire to succeed with an internet business but have no clear path to follow.

Just like where I was a number of years ago.


Being of service to an audience and helping them solve their problems/achieve their goals is the #1 key to online success.

Unsuccessful Internet marketers first try to figure out what product to promote based on what they think will make them money… And that’s why they fail!

Product first = #Fail

Audience first = #PathToSuccess

Successful marketers understand the need to identify an audience with specific goals, dreams, hopes, problems, and challenges.

They then assist them in solving their problems and achieving their goals.

That is the true path to success online.

Your introspection and self-awareness from the first step come into play here.

Ask yourself the following questions and come up with your best answers based on what you’ve learned about yourself so far:

  • What comes easily to you that other people seem to struggle with?
  • What problems have you solved that others would love to solve too?
  • What have you been helping people or businesses with for years professionally?
  • What problem do you have in your life that you are committed to solving and that will take three to five years to resolve?
  • What are your hobbies or passions? Can you envision researching problems and questions related to them and presenting the best answers to others who share your interests?

Your income lies in your ability to become a problem-solver at scale.


Once you have chosen your nice, write it out with this simple template:

I help __audience__ to  ___get desired result__ with ___unique mechanism__.

For me, it looks like:

I help digital entrepreneurs to grow successful internet businesses with videos on Blogs/YouTube.

Easy, right?


Check out Google and YouTube to see some example and check tons more that you can click with it or any random check, repeat the process until you find your niche that you can offer to your audiences who want to buy from you!



Who Can Help You to start online business?