When Should You Change Your WordPress Web Hosting (Top 7 Key Indicators)

When Should You Change Your WordPress Web Hosting (Top 7 Key Indicators)

When Should You Change Your WordPress Web Hosting

Top 7 Key Indicators

It is hard to commit to moving your WordPress site from one host to another because there are so many factors to consider. How do you know when you should change your web hosting provider? There are some key signs — the only problem is most of us are filled with anxiety when we begin to think about this.

In most people’s minds, it seems like a technological nightmare and one that may lead to our site being down for a little while. This is at least what we all think, but in truth, it is easier then we all think. But still, when do you know it is time? 

In this article, we are going to look at the top seven reasons it is time to break up with your current WordPress Web Hosting Service.

Signs it is Time to Make a Change

There are just some things that you cannot overlook, and no matter how much the new host may cost, if these problems occur, it is time to start looking.


The truth is that if your site is not up for any length of time, you may end up losing followers or potential followers. This is bad for your image and can affect things like your traffic and your SEO. Consistent downtime is a real sign that it’s time to find a new host.

But how do you tell? After all, you are not visiting your site all the time. There are sites you can use to monitor your sites up and downtime. If you use one of these and you see that there is anything less than a 100% uptime, then at some point, the server that hosts your site is down. 

You can reach out to your host provider and inquire about this, but if it is consistent, you may just need to cut the cord and move on.

Database Connection Errors

Another indicator it is time to move your WordPress site is if you get the “Error Establishing Connection to the Database” message regularly. This means that you are getting so much traffic that you are outgrowing your server or that you have a bad plugin installed somewhere.

With both problems, the customer support from the host should be able to help you, and if not, then maybe another host will.

Internal Server Problems

This is quite a common issue that comes up. The problem is that this error does not really give you an idea of how to fix it. If you start seeing this message come up consistently, then that could be an omen that it is time to look at other hosts, perhaps ones that are capable of setting up their servers to work well with WordPress.

Suspension of Site

It is in many hosts’ terms of service that they reserve the right to suspend your site if it is deemed to contain illegal activity. However, there are some sites that, without warning, will suspend your site. 

You are trusting these hosts with your online presence, and so if they suspend your site for no legitimate reason, then you will need to have a conversation with them. If they cannot or will not fix the problem, then looking for a host that can is the right choice. 

By the way, make sure to always have a backup because sometimes hosts that do this will keep your data.

Poor Customer Service

If you have consistent problems getting assistance for your hosting companies’ customer service or when you do, they are not helpful, then that is a problem. Not being able to get support can be frustrating and cost you time and money, so if this is a problem, you should look for a new hosting service.

Slow Speed

The speed your website loads at is essential to the retention of your audience and where you rank in search. Slower sites are caused by too many people visiting or requests. No matter the reason, the slower loading frustrates people, and you will see lower retention because of it. 

If the slow speeds are due to many requests, your host should be able to offer some suggestions for fixes or plugins that could help. If it is because you are having an influx of traffic, then you will either have to upgrade your current plan or look for a new host that offers a plan that fits the traffic of your site.

Too Much Growth

If you have begun to see a higher traffic count, you may have begun to outpace what your server is capable of doing, especially if you are using a shared web hosting plan. This means that you share space with other people and have no control over how much data they are using. 

In fact, you may be causing some slow down on their sites, and that may cause some providers to suspend your service. If this is happening regularly, then you should, for you and your fellow online content creators, look for another web hosting service. 

What to Look For?

When you begin your search for a new host for your WordPress site, you will be met with many different options. With so many choices, it may be hard to determine which one is the right one for you. 

There are a few features that you can look at to make the decision a little easier. So we thought we would look at the three main components that you should look at to find the right hosting service for your WordPress site.

But you first have to answer a few questions, so you know what you are looking for. Here are the questions you should have answered before sifting through your choices:

  • How much traffic does your get? How fast have you been growing?
  • Do you want a service that is good for developers?
  • How tech-savvy are you? How much support will you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Once you have answered that you can start looking at a host and these features: 

Speed and Performance

You want to look at the hardware used by the web host. Make sure to look at how much RAM and CPU as well as disk space so that you can figure out if this host is right for your site. Think about the type of content you will be creating and match the metrics to the content. If you create content that drives a lot of engagement, then you want one that has a lot of each of these.


If you’re super techy, then this aspect may not be important, but if you do not have a techy brain, good customer support is vital. You want a support system that will react quickly. It is also great if you have access to many different avenues to get that support. You also want a customer support system staffed with experienced and proficient techs.


The majority of hosting services tend to offer their customers uptimes of 99.5%. A small percentage of downtime is potentially standard, but if you can find one that does not have any, then that is a great option. You should definitely check out some of the reviews and look for any customers that have had problems with consistent downtime. If you find any, then perhaps that it is not the hosting service for you.

How to Change Your WordPress Web Hosts

Once you have found the right web host to move your WordPress site to you may be wondering how to do it. Here is a brief explanation of the steps you need to go through to move your site successfully.

  1. Find a new host and activate your account
  2. Transfer all your files
  3. Install and configure WordPress
  4. Check the staging and temporary URL on the new site
  5. Fix any errors
  6. Then point your domain DNS records to the new host

You can do this yourself if you would like, or you can hire a freelancer to do it. Whichever is easiest on you. The choice of the method should come down to your comfort with computers and your budget. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, if any of these things are occurring, it cannot hurt to look for a host that can meet your needs. You want to find a reputable option that is known to handle all of these issues and do so with urgency and proficiency. 

So hopefully, the list of indicators above has given you a lot to think about when it comes to whether it’s time to move your WordPress site. Understanding what to look for will help you make a hard decision that much easier. 

There are a lot of great companies that offer services for this purpose. Each will have their own special features and pricing strategies, and so you just have to find the one that meets your needs both in performance as well as budget.