What Have I done During COVID-19 Pandemic in the past?

Do you have a system and workable process to follow up with your existing clients or whoever purchased from you before? If you still think that spending on ads today to bring in revenue. You are outdated like a dinosaur! During COVID-19 is the time to look inward rather than looking outward by getting more visibility.


The notes and messages to your audiences have to be clear, precise, and trustworthy. For example, if you help people to lose weight then you have to reflect that in your website consistence throughout all your social media planform like FB. An uniform trustworthy approach just like when it is offline, you prepare yourself well to close a deal with your real estate or training business in the past.


If you help people to lose weight then you need to have a lose weight calculator for example so that your audiences can self service themselves before checking out your products. This example is not in place currently with your online business because I do not see that on your free website and Fb page. Too much motivational messages in your FB, in fact it is overloaded with motivational messages.


Invest in your online business either real estate, training or Nu-Skin (set your focus on 1 target) if you want to see the same kind of results like your offline business currently.

2 Steps System:

  1. A website with email and WhatsApp CRM (customer relationship/retention management) system = $ 18.99 USD per month + one time setup fee of $345 USD which will target on your business focus resources systematically. Once this is completed, you can start driving both offline and online traffics to your website so that leads can be followed up to get more growth in popularity and more sales in revenue. (Note: Step 1 does not include driving the traffics for you and you have to do it yourself)
  2. If you need my help to do outbound prospecting and drive traffics for you every month then it will be $1200 USD per month.

My recommendation is to try out step 1 and drive traffics yourself. Just make sure all your social media is updated according to what you have on the website. In this case, your website is the control tower.

Please take note that the system will take 1 month to set it up including all the testing done for you based on your expectation. Do not worry about all the technical issues because you are paying $ 18.99 USD per month so that I can resolve your technical issues online including maintaining your website and business email based on your domain name. For example, [email protected]. James is my name and gcloudwebhost.com is my domain which is related to my business. It is very professional, just tell me what is your preferred domain name and I will register that for you.

1 Step Process:

  • Learn how to write a persuasive email (https://www.gcloudwebhost.com/automatic-script/) or you can write your own emails. Please remember! When an email is sent from your website, it will be optionally also automatically post at your blog, your FB page, your Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and other social media (it is a checked box to turn on/off). If it is off then it will only send emails to your audiences without posting the email content to the blog and your social medias.
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