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Small Business Can Win an SEO. Your SEO Sprint Questions Answered We make a big deal out of being ‘conversion focused’. But what exactly does that mean? Well if you’ve got a website, it means getting more for less. More sales, more bookings, more subscribers… out of less visitors, less advertising, and less work. Want to learn how? We’ve got an entire online course that is 100% free in Thrive University that will show you exactly how to build a website that converts.

Thrive Architect: Thrive Optimize: When a visitor at your website converts, it means they’ve taken an action that is important to you. There can be multiple types of conversions, from signing up to a mailing list, to scheduling an appointment, to purchasing your product or service.

And you can measure your conversion rate! Let’s say you have a conversion rate of 1% for a sales page. That means that to get 1 sale, you need 100 visitors. You could spend all your time, money and effort getting more traffic to your website, but you’re still losing 99% of potential business. That’s like trying to fill up a leaky bucket! Now imagine your conversion rate is 10%.

Those same 100 visitors would bring you 10 customers. Without increasing your costs, you could be getting more sales. Being conversion focused means plugging the holes in that leaky bucket, and running an efficient website.

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