Hope For many SME and new Entrepreneurs

Why you created a website for your business in the first place?

Is it cool to have a website with best looking web design in the world? No one care about the design of the website if it does not serve any benefits. I see this over and over again in many SME and new entrepreneurs created a website for the sick of just creating a website! Without knowing the purpose of making the website works for their business. What about you? Are you in the same situation that you do not know what to do and how to make your website to work for you 24 hours a day, everyday?

Why are you paying for a website by knowing that your website is not working for you?

Your website is a burden and it is not effective at all...Why? It is very simple because you do it incorrectly. Why not just maintain a Facebook page rather than a website? If your website is not making money for you. Right?...Wrong! A website has much more value and is your asset if you do it correctly. You do not own Facebook page and you do not know what is going to happen to your business overnight if a new policy or a disclaimer from the Facebook. Your website is your asset in the business, no one can take away from you when you do it correctly.

Why not seek help today? Before it is getting more expensive!

Your website is your brand. When you do it correctly, you want your audiences to remember your website as much as possible rather than a Facebook page. If your Facebook page is shutdown without any good reasons, you still have your website to remind people about your brand. Your website should work more efficient than your Facebook page and not the other way around.

Hope that my 2cents can help you to detect your future business success as early as possible before sinking too deep.