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Do This Or Die.

Why you created a website for your business in the first place?Is it cool to have a website with best looking web design in the world? No one care about the design of the website if it does not serve any benefits. I see this over and over again in many SME and new entrepreneurs

How to Break Bad Habits and Make Good Habits Stick

He is Peng Joon, the Master of Clickfunnels affiiate program created by Russell Brunson (The owner of Clickfunnels), he builds his online business and online training around Clickfunnels affiiate program. He provides free books in exchange of your email address so that he can re-target you over and again to sign up for his high ticket courses. Is

How to RESET Your MINDSET & Make Your Own LUCK

10 Characteristics of An Entrepreneur Who Succeeds.

MEL ROBBINS’ RULES  Use the 5-second ruleGo brick by brickMake your own luckJust be yourselfLearn from every experienceUse the 90 seconds ruleExpect a NOFollow energyReset your mindsetMake sure your achievements are knownBONUS – Do what works for youOwn Your Business Emails

Facebook Advertising

This could be the one skill you learn and master that makes all the difference in your online business. Plus, if you become a skilled Facebook advertiser you can generate significant income offering Facebook marketing services. I have many friends who charge between $5,000 and $20,000 per month for Facebook advertising services and managing ad

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a shorter shelf-life then search engine marketing, but it can sometimes generate traffic more quickly, with the opportunity for viral exposure. One of the big challenges with social media marketing is that you rarely get residual and compounding returns on your energy like you do with search engine marketing. When you

Opinion: The 10 things holding you back from financial independence

You care more about sports than your own finances

You care more about sports than your own financesYou didn’t procreate mindfullyYou have destructive vicesYou have no interest in mastering your jobYou don’t have a burning desire to createYou’re afraid to look poorYou don’t have supportive family and friendsYou care more about some team than your net worthYou consume too much mainstream newsYou have never