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We are here to improve your online digital presence today, beside enable the cloud hosting and leads generation. We also provide videos content that is suitable to your business. Hosting a WordPress Website on Google Cloud Platform for less $💵$ a year? Interested? Are you sick of paying too much for the WordPress web hosting? Applicable to Google Cloud / Alibaba Cloud / AWS / Azure / Any Cloud Platforms! Helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) get sales meeting with their high-value leads that turn into customers. ▶️ Done For You Outbound Prospecting ▶️ Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation ▶️ LinkedIn Marketing ▶️ Cold Email Copy ▶️ Sales Funnels. You get an expert team dedicated to prospecting and customer acquisition, for half the cost of an in-house sales development rep (SDR) team, then ask yourself these 3 questions: ❓Do you hate wondering where your next deal is going to come from? ❓Is your team wasting hours of valuable selling time on researching prospects, creating lists, personalizing messaging, and setting up systems instead of closing deals and growing your company? ❓Do you wish you had a proven system and team that predictably generates high-value sales leads that turn into customers, without having to do the hiring and training yourself? Prospecting isn’t easy, but it’s the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you don’t have leads. And without leads, you don’t have customers and revenue growth. 🖐🏼HOLD UP: Must be able to afford at least $1,200 USD per month with at least 3 months commitment. Book a Call at

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Problems: Too depending on social media in a silo traffics source format. For example, heavy on FB page/ads and instagram and forget about Pinterest or twitter or YouTube for example. Not able to analyst the business data which is not captured at the beginning and yet we do not know or understand the customer behaviours.

🆕New Launch FB Shop and WorkPlace 2020. Are you excited?🆕

Hi , Making Money with Instagram & Facebook Shops (Launch Strategies). This is the latest features by FB recently in May 2020. It is a birthday gift for me from FB 😇. Instagram and Facebook Shops is a new eCommerce platform that allows you to sell directly on Instagram and Facebook! This new Shops Method

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 You want to find a good WordPress host for your WP site, but which one do you go for? What even is a WordPress host? How do you choose the right WordPress hosting package? Yes, this can be quite complicated, especially if you are new to

Done For You Outbound Prospecting

Done For You Outbound Prospecting.

If you are like most SMEs during this COVID-19 lockdown duration. Pending the situation to get better than spend on marketing to your audiences. You know how late it can be when all this lockdown duration is over. Our GCloudWebHost service changes that, where we help you get Sales Meeting With Your Ideal Customers enquiries

How to Build an Email List In WordPress?

How to Build an Email List In WordPress Email Marketing 101

How to Build an Email List In WordPress Email Marketing 101 If you are starting a blog or an online business/service, you have probably been advised to create an email list, and that you cannot be successful without one. This is true, but what all these well-meaning experts tend to forget is that you are

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Shopping Cart Conversion Rate Have you noticed that potential customers are abandoning their shopping carts right before they complete their purchases? Yes, shopping cart abandonment is a big problem and it can lead to massive revenue losses. Below we want to discuss 7 proven ways to boost your shopping

GCP Fundamentals eCertificate

Hi Jonathan, Congratulations. We’re glad you were able to join us at Cloud OnBoard. In recognition of your attendance, we are pleased to present you with your digital eCertificate of Participation. We look forward to helping you build new projects and ignite your career by becoming Google Cloud Certified. Wishing you success in the cloud, The Google Cloud Team

GCloudWebHost Application Solutions

4 GCloudWebHost Email Solid White

What Is GCloudWebHost Application Solutions?Safety and Security SolutionVisitors Management System (VMS) to track incoming and outgoing traffics of your properties.Employees Tracking SolutionTime sheet tracking for your employees online so that your contractors do not have to email the spreadsheet attachment anymore.All can be done on a single website and each contractor has their own login