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Yoga With Stem Cells Healing


Mobilize Your Stem Cells: As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. But imagine if, using the proven effectiveness of acupressure, we could mobilize stem cells to be available for healing in a way that was safe, incredibly effective and extremely inexpensive. This would be healing in a completely

COVID-19 vaccines price comparison table

USA vs China

Today, we are in the clinical development Phase 3 which is does the vaccines protect against the COVID-19 disease. We have completed Phase 1 which is it safe? and Phase 2 which is does it activate an immune response? Hope these potential vaccines are going to work out nicely and move forward with a NEW

#23 Website Review


To review YouTube Problems: The branding is Jin Long, and not Lifewave because Lifewave is a product for the business and not the brand for The About Us page should talk more about Jin Long, rather than Lifewave. WIX or Clickfunnels or any automated funnels solution, when it comes to

What is Dedicated Hosting?

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

When you started off with your website, you may have gone for a simple and inexpensive shared hosting plan. This may have been the cheapest option to go with, but as your website is getting bigger and is seeing increased traffic, shared hosting might not cut it anymore.  There are many different kinds of web

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Sales Funnel

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Sales Funnel

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Sales Funnel A sales funnel is a strategy that is used by companies to improve their approach to marketing. This strategy gets its name from how it looks in diagram form — it looks like a funnel. The top part is representative of the largest number of people who

The Seven Best Email Marketing Services

How To Do Email Marketing

Establishing and maintaining an online presence is very important, especially with the Age of the Internet in full effect. Like me, you may wish to have seen the golden days when paperboys would stand on busy street corners, shouting ‘Extra, extra! Read all about it!’ Those days seem great in hindsight, being emblematic of a

What is Shared Hosting?

GCloudWebHost A Dollar Member

What is Shared Hosting? There are a lot of options that you will be faced with when you decide to choose a hosting service for your website, not only the company but also what type of package you go with. One of those options will be to choose between shared hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting,

What is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

What is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

What is Web Hosting Bandwidth? When you go to purchase a web hosting service from a provider, there are a variety of parameters or factors to look for. Just like when you purchase any other product, there are always a number of specific features to look for.  When it comes to web hosting, one of