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We used to be an offline business and we are glad that we come online with Point Of Sales system (POS) is running on the same website as well. We experience slow and steady leads and sales when time passed by following the processes and flexible format from GCloudWebHost marketing designed by Jonathan and we see good Return of Investment (ROI).


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What You’ll Get During This 30 Days For Offline Business? Free Strategy on ToFU, MoFU, BoFU...

We can exchange the knowledge of conversion temperature. That is right! We are talking about cold leads, warm leads and hot leads. In this 30 days, I would like to explain what will happen during the strategies restructuring, the goal is to reassure your future clients accept that this will be valuable for them and that strategy won’t just be a sales pitch. You want them to understand that this is not a waste of time.

What You’ll Do Before You Start

You need to submit the required details in the email reply by signing up to the email list provided. The focus starts looking at your website, analyzing your brand, checking your social media engagement, and etc...

What Happens During 30 Days

What’s going to happen during the 30 days? You can expect more constructive measures to improve your online presence. The benefits that your future clients will get, such as more values rather than sales pitch.

What Changes After that

You will get away with KPI for your accountable employees or what you need to do to improve your online asset. Ideally you will have a clear tangible result after the 30 days consultation.

About Jonathan Toh

Many years in IT project management for big cooperation and also a WordPress lover. Used to deploy WordPress in 1998 but due to many limitation during the time, decided to find alternative solution such as Shopify platform. Selling online many years on Shopify and in 2018 decided to migrate all Shopify stores to WordPress platform which is much more mature today comparing to 20 years ago.

Would like to share the best economical one time cost solution with SMEs who has limited budget to maintain an online/offline businesses.

Why Recommend Having a Free Consultation Strategy

Want to help many common hard working offline businesses to get on the online business map immediately without costing so much to start like a physical store in the business. The objective of my efforts is to help many who trusted me without wasting time, getting things done in their business immediately!



It is secure, reliable and more scalable today because we have VMS, Contract system, Parking system and etc... running on the same website! Definitely, it is a more cost effective and efficient solutions.


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Thank you for your input and feedback and love being able to harness the same power that all of these tech companies...like DAILY

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Build Yourself

Are you looking for your own ClickFunnels website? build your own business database on WordPress quickly and effectively, but also create real fans (and future customers) right away without paying ads from all marketplaces such as Amazon, EBAY, Lazada, Etsy, Youbeli, Google, Facebook, Rakuten, Mercado Libre, Walmart and more‼️

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your sales funnel!